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Welcome to our Russian dating site!

Russian dating site introduces you to the site with single Russian women and girls looking for committed relationships with Western men. Learn about the effective ways to meet and marry a single Russian woman. We share with you all the tools and give sophisticated advice on how to find your Russian love! With the instant compatibility rate provided for each female candidate, you chose not only a beautiful Russian woman, but the one who will match you perfectly. Use the resource to make your dreams come true!!! Find out how easy it is with our support and have fun!

  • More than 20 000 beauties want to meet with you

    Sign up and meet with 10324 beautiful Russian girls, with 2970 beautiful women in Ukraine, with 985 modest girls from Belarus, with 1715 beauties from Kazakhstan, the Baltic countries, East Asia.

    Thousands of men met their wives on our website

    14479 men from the US, Canada, Europe and Australia use our search service. Try and you too! It is so simple! Find your happiness on our website!

    Anti-scam Program

    Our site has a unique anti-scam program to help us get rid of scammers. In addition to going through our own scammers lists based on the users' reports about scammers, we also detect the scammers' contrivances.

    Our expert advice on how to effectively achieve the best result if you want to marry a single Russian woman

    Step 1

    Register at the site and provide several great photos of yours (avoid placing pictures from your mobile).

    Step 2

    Be proactive: act confidently and energetically as you surely can. Write to, at least, 40 ladies to ensure you find those you feel comfortable to communicate with and that they are interested in you.

    Step 3

    Communicate with several Russian brides you are interested in. It is important that they answer your questions. Listen to yourself and learn whether you feel at ease with them. It requires much effort to find common interests with some of the ladies, while with others you establish understanding naturally in no time..

    Step 4

    Avoid clinging to written communication for too long. Single Russian ladies usually do not like it. Though their intentions might be pretty serious, they worry that just exchanging letters will bring no positive results. Ask your lady if it is ok to call her and do it.

    Step 5

    If both of you have children, it is a perfect way to establish a mutually important ground for communication. Chat about your kids. Share your ideas about what matters to you both in family relations in regards to bringing up the children, for example.

    Step 6

    If you realize you do care for your lady after all the correspondence and conversations on the phone, and if you can hardly wait to hear her voice again, catch the moment! Do not let procrastination destroy the feeling that started to grow between you. Go to Russia and meet your woman in person. We advise you to stay in a hotel, not in her place. In case both of you know you've found the right person, your beloved will initiate your introduction to her family.

    Step 7

    Do your best to arrange the next visit soon after the first one, or start getting prepared to the wedding.

    Prompt compatibility evaluation

    Rational people do not rely on their intuition while facing serious challenges. The PI test provides an estimate of 25 factors influencing the compatibility of couples. Your express-estimation results will accompany every women photo to give you a scientifically accurate prognosis of the further development of your relationship.

    We have convened the most attractive ladies for youAll women go through our serious checking procedure.
    We mercilessly get rid of the scammers (only two out of every three ladies pass the checking).
    We eagerly provide all the necessary support to our clients. Please feel welcome to apply for our assistance. You will be advised on or, if needed, provided check-up information on a particular lady that has interested you.

    On this site, you can use the option of choosing Russian women not only judging by their physical looks, but based on professional psychological tips. Use our compatibility test to help you make the right choice. Each lady's profile will reflect the instant compatibility result for you as a couple. The five hearts will be of different color, from red to grey, in terms of your mutual compatibility.

  • We help men from all over the world

    Our site is one of the largest on the Internet to search for Russian and Ukrainian women, girls from the Baltic countries and East Asia, for a serious relationship.

    We can not guarantee that you will find your wife here because it is impossible to guarantee anything in a romantic relationship. But we can promise that we will do everything possible to have a great variety of brides, freedom of choice, safety of visits and communication.

    Resource Characteristics

    Variety of settings
    Lots of useful settings are available on the site. For example, you if you want to be unseen in the gallery for everyone except those you would like to communicate with, you can hide yourself through a special setting. Or if you want to get only messages without being bugged by winks, ice-breakers or postcards, you can also use specific settings. The same can be done in case you want to receive notifications about getting new messages.

    Complex search
    "Russian women match" provides you with the instruments that make your search in our database of single Russian mature women as elaborate as you wish. You can search by city, her hair and eyes color, number of children, her age, and compatibility with you, height, weight, new users and abundance of other criteria.

    Communication helpers
    Winks, post cards, ice-breakers and simple messages are always at hand to easily initiate your contact with attractive Russian brides. It requires just placing the photo of yours to your profile to grip the attention of all the single and mature Russian women on the site. Just upgrade to continue the contact.

    Dating services
    Checking up girls profiles, written translations, personal search, arranging meetings for men arriving to St-Petersburg.

    Picture estimates
    There is an option of putting your photo to photo rating or voting for the Russian women pictures. When you find the prettiest Russian women, write to them telling how you admire them, and establish contacts.

    Finding out if you are compatible
    If you are looking for a serious commitment on behalf of a woman, use the compatibility test to find your Russian match. With the help of a detailed psychological report, you will be able to find ladies compatible with you and have a clue to the right way of developing your relations.

    Is it OK to date with more than one fiancé from Russia?

    When Western men see so many single Russian women at different matchmaking websites, they feel really perplexed. There are so many gorgeous ladies who want to meet and get married to the guys like them that it seems too good to be true. Nevertheless it is true, so many men wonder if they could communicate with several women simultaneously to make the right choice.

    Guys who want to get married to the nicest Russian women feel uncomfortable pondering over the idea of dating several girls at once. They realize that on the one hand it seems inappropriate, and on the other, it would help them make a very important decision about their future lives. It happens quite often that online communication among a man and a woman can be smooth and great and leading to the most serious relationship, but once these two people meet in person they realize that they do not match. It turns out to be an enormous waste of time and money. That is why many men expand their opportunities of finding one special lady by writing to and dating several women.

    The trickiest thing about this decision is that the gentleman writing to or dating more than one woman at the same time might get even more confused, because each of the ladies can be fantastic and consider their relationships getting more serious from day to day.

    Russian women usually guess that the men writing to them might communicate with other women too. They also realize how difficult it is for anyone to make the right choice in this situation. So those ladies who understand it can be very honest and realistic with you. They also believe that it is possible to find out whether they have found their true love only through meeting the guy in person.

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Feedback from our customers

  • Gracias a este sitio he encontrado el amor de mi vida, después de meses de estar buscando, lo recomiendo mucho y tengan FE que las cosas irán para bien, ahora estamos pensando en casarnos y compartir nuestras vidas. MUCHAS GRACIAS.

    Javier Arturo 39 años Perú, Arequipa
  • Wonderful site. I have found my Love by matching the psychologic test. She had been marked as perfectly compatible with me, and she truly is. These options at your site appear to be a game changer in my life. Thanks! Gerjan

    Gerjan 57 años Bélgica, Bruselas
  • Esta locaza esta página... lo bueno es que en el test de compatibilidad... parece mentira pero trabaja muy bien contrastando aspectos psicológicos y diría que también astrológicos y antropológicos... muy buena página, altamente recomendable.

    Guile 31 años Peru, Cusco
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